Mecánicas Silva

Mecánicas Silva manufactures and distributes tanker trucks, trailer and semi-trailer-tanks and other types of tanks such as LBC's (large bulk container), aircraft refuelling tankers units and multi-service units for public works or road cleaning. It also installs the necessary fuel delivery and measuring equipment: fuel pumps, meters, counter heads, deaerators, etc.


Mecánicas Silva also offers servicing and maintenance. Its location close to the two fuelling terminals (CLH and GALP) makes it easier for clients to access the repairs, calibrations and inspections that have to be performed in the course of their business, without having to travel long distances. For this purpose, Mecánicas Silva is registered in the pertinent metrological control registry as the main fuel measuring system verification laboratory, as an authorised repairer, as a manufacturer of pressure equipment, etc., and also as vehicle manufacturer under the Ministry of Industry's production control.