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History of the company

Silva is formed by three independent companies that engage in different lines of business: Taller Mecánico Manuel Silva, S.A. (construction of port machinery), Mecánicas Silva Industrial, S.L. (manufacturing of tanker trucks, trailers and semi-trailer-tanks) and Silva Mantenimiento, S.L. (repairs and maintenance of (repairs and maintenance of port machinery and terminals)

Silva dates back to 1952, when Mr. Manuel Silva Collado opened a small in-water ship mechanical repair workshop in the El Musel Port in Gijón. In the Sixties, as port traffic increased and the shipbuilding industry grew, it began to provide new services such as boiler making, repairs of faulty unloading equipment, electrical equipment, etc.

In 1970, Mr. José Manuel Silva Rodríguez, the founder's son, took over as manager.  During this new period, the range of services was extended again to include the repair and maintenance of port machinery: clamshell grabs, orange peel grabs, cranes, etc. In 1976, the firm diversified into new fields, and started to manufacture the equipment that until then it has only repaired, and enlarged its facilities. In the early 80's, it began manufacturing aluminium tanks that were used to transport hazardous goods by the tankers of CAMPSA (the former state petrol monopoly); and in 1979 it patented a vacuum absorption loading system (Invention Patent No. 475521), after which it started to manufacture stainless steel tanks for the collection and transportation of milk products.

This new production model prompted it to set up two independent companies to effectively cope with market demand: Taller Mecánico Manuel Silva, S.A. (construction and maintenance of port machinery) and Mecánicas Silva Industrial, S.L. (manufacturing of tanker trucks, trailer and semi-trailer-tanks).

In 2002, Mr. José Manuel Silva Rodriguez passed away and his son, Mr. Angel Manuel Arias Silva, took the helm at the companies. It was at about this time that the “Ecological Hopper” (Invention patent nº 200201152), with a dual locking device and dust collection system was patented. A year later, Silva won a tender for the "Mechanical maintenance and cleaning of the EBHISA facilities" in the Port of Gijón, which involved a strong staff increase, and to mange this tender Silva set up the third company, Silva Mantenimiento, S.L.

With a 60-plus year track record, we are a highly innovative company that specialises both in the construction and repair and maintenance of port machinery, tanker truck and trailer tanks. The expertise and know-how gleaned over time allows us to develop new patents and products that demonstrate the reliability, performance and productivity of the Silva companies, as well as our capacity to innovate.  


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