Silva Mantenimiento 

Silva Mantenimiento continues the service tradition that came into being with Talleres Silvia. The company performs repairs and provides assistance to ships while they are in the ports of Gijón and Avilés, as well as performing the maintenance of machinery and equipment of port companies and industrial facilities. Most notably the Mechanical Maintenance Agreement for the European Bulk Handling Installation S.A (EBHISA), the bulk solids unloading terminal of Port of Gijón, the first in Spain and among the five most important of the European Community.


Engaging in these activities allows the company to act as a test bench and directly monitor operation of the port machinery that, in turn, is manufactured by Taller Mecánico Manuel Silva S.A. The experience and information obtained through these repair and maintenance activities enable it to improve the designs and optimize the performance, productivity and reliability of the new machinery that is built.